10 Days to Publication

It’s a funny time, the period just before your first novel hits Amazon’s virtual shelves. You’ve blogged till the cows come home. You’ve done your share of social networking and built up strong followings on Twitter and Goodreads. You’ve joined in the chat on their forums and on World Literary Cafe.

Okay, I know I could have done a whole lot more. There have been no blog tours, no Q&A sessions, no giveaways. My epublisher isn’t a fan of Amazon KDP Select, so I’m not going down that route either. I’ve spent very little time on Facebook and Linkedin and I haven’t gone near Pinterest. If that means I deserve to fail, so be it. When you’re learning the tricks of the self-marketing trade, you have to prioritise. You can’t do everything.

Two fabulous blog hosts, Paul Dorset and Jenny Milchman, have offered me the chance to feature on their blogs. I hope others will be equally helpful. I’ve arranged for some publicity in the Mensa magazine and am contacting local newspapers in Scotland and North Carolina, where a big chunk of The Girl with the Haunting Smile is set.

What more can I do at this stage? Any ideas will be gratefully received.


About Richard Louden

Maybe it was because languages were my thing but I loved writing at school and I've loved it ever since. Obviously, I hope others will enjoy reading what I write but, now that I am turning my hand to novels, what matters most to me is to write what, as a reader, I would like to read. As a journalist with UK papers, I've written widely on education, business, sport and law. In the creative writing field, I've written the scripts of two TV dramas (BBC and ITV), contributed sketches to TV and radio comedy shows and had short stories published in national anthologies. That doesn’t make me a novelist but I hope it gives me a push in the right direction.

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  1. Not sure what more you can do, in pretty much the same boat myself. If you haven’t already then I would suggest getting a base on Shelfari and maybe Book blogs. Sort out some read & review swaps….and cross your fingers:)

    I’ll keep an eye out for the book. Good luck!

    • Thanks, David, and thanks for following my blog. I’m now following yours. I read your memoir – and greatly admired it and your honesty – because my novel is about a young guy with Tourette’s. Fingers crossed for both of us!

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