Monthly Archives: October 2012

Just a month to go!

Just 31 days to go! Exactly a month from today – Monday 26 November – the great publishing adventure begins when The Girl with the Haunting Smile goes live on Amazon and Smashwords.

I know I haven’t made all the smart marketing moves. There are no giveaways, no Q&A sessions, no blog tours. Facebook is almost virgin territory for me. I won’t be going down the KDP Select route as my epublisher isn’t a fan.

My focus has been on Twitter, followed by Goodreads and the World Literary Cafe. Plus my blogsite, of course. This is my 19th blog since I started five months ago. An average of around a blog a week isn’t too bad going, I hope.

What has lifted me most has been the supportive attitude of other writers. I’ve had very helpful comments on my blogs from lovely folk like Terry Tyler (@TerryTyler4) and Karen Einsel (@K_Einsel), to mention just a couple.

Now I must roll my sleeves up even higher as the great day looms, then keep them rolled up in the months that follow. If, sadly, my novel languishes on Amazon’s virtual shelves, I don’t want it to be for want of marketing effort on my part.

It occurs to me that I’ve been so focused on making friendly contacts that I haven’t even explained what The Girl with the Haunting Smile is about (it’s not quite as clear-cut as it may seem). I’ll put that right in my next blog.


Twitter authors, what gets on your nerves?

Paul Dorset (@jcx27), one of the most popular and prolific authors on Twitter, tweets from time to time about a habit that annoys him. It’s about folk who use the TrueTwit validation service, which makes you solve a captcha before they graciously agree to let you follow them.

I must say I’m on Paul’s side. Okay, there are loads of spammers out there, so I can see why the TrueTwits feel the way they do. But at least 10% of the follow requests I make result in TrueTwit interventions, which is pretty irritating. I’m still building my list of followers, so I grit my teeth and complete the infuriating captchas, but the day will come when I’ll give any new TrueTwits a miss and move on.

This mini-tirade makes me think about the few other gripes I have about Twitter authors. As I’ve said before on this blog, they’re a great bunch, very friendly and supportive. My only whines relate to some of their bios. For example, why do hundreds, maybe thousands, proclaim that they love Jesus or that Christ rules their lives? I don’t need or want to know that, though I’m a Christian. I don’t see any Arab, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist authors trumpeting their faith in their bios.

And so to my last two bio gripes. The first is those folk who insist on telling us they are “geeks” or “nerds”. Why do we need to know that? Is it a boast or a lament? My final whine is about all the authors who tell us what their pet tipple is – cappuccino, latte, Earl Grey tea or whatever. Is that the best use they can make of their precious bio words?

Am I letting off too much steam? Please tell me what you think. I’d also love to hear of any gripes you have with fellow tweeters.